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Mark Buelsing(non-registered)
Dave, your photos are spectacular. Thanks so much for sharing them!
Libby Dale Kaschner(non-registered)
Dave, your photographs make me feel I an in the environment ... very calming. You have some amazing shots and the range of subjects from the tiniest bug to the largest mountain.
Tammy Short(non-registered)
Dave the Iceland pictures are absolutely spectacular. National Geographic doesn't have anything on you. LOL Thank you for sharing your amazing trip with me.
Jake D. Westmoore The III(non-registered)
I love your photographs, I'm extremely impressed with your ability to focus in on your surroundings and take these amazing shots.
Tammy Short(non-registered)
Awesome Dave! What incredible adventures you have. Thank you so much for sharing them with me.
Betsy Ojanen(non-registered)
As always, your shots are simply incredible! Dann & I enjoy traveling with you through your photos.
Conor Raney(non-registered)
Dave, pleasure to meet you on the trail in Big Sandy! We completed the pine beetle research for this year. I look forward to keeping up on your amazing travels via your site.

Best Wishes,
Conor Raney
Marianne Biesinger(non-registered)
Jim and I enjoyed meeting you in Wyoming (Wind River Mountains). Your photos are wonderful, amazing to me. My reason for writing is to tell Hazel that it is a great blessing to hear and know about incredible women all over the country. You are credit to us Hazel. It is wonderful that you have been blessed with health and vigor and that you have taken good care of yourself to be able to do what you are doing. I hope for you many more years of roaming. Also, the respect Dave has for you leads me to believe you are a great mom.
Joe Statum(non-registered)
Awesome site Dave. Feel blessed to have been able to go with you on a couple of those adventures.
Charles Murphy(non-registered)
Dave, it was wonderful to look at the pics of your travels. You are the real deal when it comes to backpacking and I wish I could travel to so many beautiful places. Thanks for your help and support up at Clifton Gorge (the retired cop) and I learned alot listening to you. May you have many more safe and exciting journeys! If you have an easier one, and need a traveling companion, well, I AM retired....just sayin. :)
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