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This was an 11 day backpacking trip in the Wind River Range in Wyoming with a friend that I've hiked with locally. After a couple acclimation hikes we started the main hike on Sept 4th. The first 7 days we hiked from Green River Lakes to Big Sandy Lodge where we had reserved a small cabin and got a hot meal, a shower, and picked up a resupply of food and fresh clothes. Then we headed back in for 4 more days up in the area of the Cirques before driving home. I took over 2500 pictures and according to the GPS we hiked over 130 miles.

For the benefit of other hikers, or those just interested in the gear involved in making a hike like this I've also posted some photos of the clothes I wore and gear I carried on this hike.

Wind River - The Hike

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Wind River - The Hike

Wind River - The Gear

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Wind River - The Gear